The easiest way to learn more about safety of websites offers free Security Advisory Widget. Widget tells visitors when website is safe and when it's not. If webmaster submit website sitemap widget will also check safety of outgoing links (especially usefull for websites with user generated content (UGC) - forums, blog comments, etc.)
Get Safe Online
Look up website safety information. Use our service to stay away from phishing scams. Protect yourself against fraudulent websites.
Check the safety of outgoing links
Today many websites are no longer just a static HTML-pages. Users can create their own content (UGC), comment blog posts, contribute to the wiki. Unfortunately, some users may abuse. Criminals may publish links that point to dangerous websites. Submit website sitemap and we will check the safety of outgoing links.
Stop identity theft
One result of phishing attacks is Identity theft. Use SiteAnalytics 360 to check the security status of the website.
Tell visitors that your website is safe
Widget tells visitors that your website is safe for them. If there any security problem this widget let's you know about it (it will be red) is used by some of the most famous companies of the world and thousands of bloggers

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